About Me:

My name is Md Saba Alam and I am founder and writer of Mechanical Wikipedia.

I am basically from Araria (Bihar) but currently I am living in New Delhi & Pursuing B.Tech in Delhi Technological University.  

I have completed my Diploma(Mechanical) in 2016. I have started this blog on a recommendation by one of my Teacher. 
Currently, I am running a channel known as "LunaticApps" on YouTube. I am also developing Android Apps at the same time. I am also running some other blogs. 
I know its tough to manage lots of things at the same time  but you know you are passionate about something you buy sometimes for your passion from your busy schedule. And I am doing the same.

About Blog:

I have started this blog in July 2018.
This blog for all those learners who want to know about all Mechanical related topics. Our mission is to cover all old and new technology which are using or can be used in Mechanical industries.
Our Aim is to offer great content and tutorials to our readers which will help them to understand complex analysis in simple manner.
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